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    First database design for NGO, advice needed.

    Hi there guys,

    I have read quite a bit and watched a number of videos on this topic but I'm still struggling to understand how to correctly wrap my mind around what I am supposed to do. Any advice would be amazing.


    I am creating a database which will be used to track students and to do M&E on the effectiveness of our programmes. We teach people in poor communities how to do urban farming for self sustainability purposes.

    The information gathered is as follows;

    1.when the student begins his/her course with us an initial questionnaire is filled out. I have separated the questionnaire into these categorizes:

    a.) personal data (name, ID number, address, marital status, gender & age)
    b.)living situation (how many people live in the household, if they have children, if the children live in the household)
    C) Connection to and expectation from NGO (how did you find out about NGO, why do you want to do the programme, what are your expectations)
    D) education levels (highest level of education)
    E) Gardening background (questions surrounding experience and help received in the past)
    F)Current Spending requirements (how much they currently spend on veg)
    G) Health (eating habits and general health)
    H)Additional comments (any additional comments)

    2.)After the training is completed another form is filled out which asks similar questions.

    3.) Finally, once a month a trainer goes to the alumni students residence to examine their garden and to give advice, where data is filled in again regarding weather or not they are still gardening.

    OK. So my question is this, am I correct in separating the initial questionarre as seen above instead of keeping it in one sheet? Because all of the information is unique to each individual student how do I go about having that data be a medical field but still only relate to one client?

    Thanks so much for your help in advance.
    Any advice would be amazing. Or somewhere I can go read and get more info.

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    I have a number of Data Model for Tracking on my Database Answers Web Site and here is one specifically for Grants for Skills Development :-
    Data Model for Tracking Grants for Skills Development


    Barry in London

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