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    Unanswered: Combining results

    GOod morning,

    I have a query built to average turn times bases on an issue type. Here is the code:

    SELECT issue_type, AVG(turn_time) AS Avgturntime from(SELECT issue_type,(date_resolved-date_created) AS turn_time FROM JIRA17.FCI4JIRA_COMMON_VIEW
    Where (DATE_RESOLVED BETWEEN TO_DATE('11/01/2013', 'MM/DD/YYYY') and TO_DATE('11/30/2013', 'MM/DD/YYYY')))
    Group by issue_type

    The resulting output works, but inside of the issue type field I have tasks and sub-tasks. I would like to combine them. For example, I will get the following:

    + Issue_type +Avgturntime+
    + -----------+-----------+
    + MIS + 92.5 +
    +MIS Subtask+ 15.8 +

    How can I have the task and sub-task combined in the output? Also this is running on PL/SQL.

    Any help would be appreciated as I am new to this.

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    >Any help would be appreciated as I am new to this.
    Then you should avoid using TYPE datatype as they are difficult to use (as you have learned).

    >Also this is running on PL/SQL.
    What does above mean?

    since we don't have your tables or data we can not run, test, or improve posted code.
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    How to know a value of Issue_type(in your example, 'MIS Subtask') is a sub-task of another task(in your example, 'MIS')?

    Your example was only one pair of task and sub-task.
    From the example,
    I might be able to suppose sub-tasks always expressed by a word 'Subtask'.
    If the supposition was right,
    GROUP BY REPLACE(Issue_type , 'Subtask')
    might be an answer.

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