Dear friends

We need to migrate from an old workgroup environment with a sybase and its related application into domain on windows server 2008 R2.

Right now all workstations login to their windows locally using same username and password. Then they use seperate accounts for login to the application. These application accounts has been define using an integrated mechanism in application itself.

While I have good experience with network and microsoft AD but my knowledge on DB and sybase is very limited. I've searched a lot but therre are things that are not clear enough (at least for me) All the thing that I've found till now:

- our sybase is a SBE and have license for core only.
- all application account only check on application.
- application use only one account to access to DB.

and what I want to know:

- what steps should be done in sybase side if we want every network user that log into domain can use same account for sybase too?
- Is any other package/license for sybase is needed to be purchased for this reason? To make it more clear there is a package named "Sybase Security and Dircetory Services" that seems is need for using sybase with different LDAP mechanism but after googling for a long time I never found that if it is needed for integrated login with AD too or only needed if you want to have integrated login in multi windows and Unix/Linux Environment and As I told before our environment will be based on windows platform totally.
- is there any command that can help us to check if every thing works well? I mean the mechanism for checking on my mind is not so clear. I myself want to login into one workstation on domain and open the application. then use your probably offered command to see log of establishment of a session with that workstation account on sybase but this is only my dream and mmay be totally wrong

Thank you in advanced and sorry if my english is not good.