Sorry if i have a bad english. I don't know if is because that is a time that a never create a database, but i am having a strange dificulty....

He send to me a draw like that:


So in table matricula, i created a column named fk_consignado references pk_consignado, right?

That looks ok to me, but my boss says a special condition for this relationship...

1st- A "CONSIGNADO" can have a lot of "MATRICULA". [ok]
2nd- A "MATRICULA" have one "CONSIGNADO", that is ok for me. [ok]
3rd- You cant add a MATRICULA, before saying who is the CONSIGNADO [ok]
4th- You cant add a "CONSIGNADO" if there is no one MATRICULA relative to the new "CONSIGNADO", in another words, you cannot add a CONSIGNADO without a MATRICULA. [WHATT?? - HELP]

He says that this is normal, very normal (the 4th rule), and he does this using Ms-Access, so now, what will save my job =[ I am not a database developer, just a unix systems administrator.