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    Unanswered: Oracle apex form

    Hi I have a problem with Oracle Application Express. I have created a form with column links using a URL. When the information is transferred to tyhe form if an amount is over 1,000 this shows in 2 fields.
    EG if there is 1,208 outstanding
    it would show in my form as
    outstanding 1
    billed 208

    even if no amount has been billed.

    Hope this makes sense, any help would be really appreciated! thanks!

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    Which Apex version do you use?

    I don't understand what a "form with column links using a URL" is. However, as you are happy with any help, would a dynamic action do any good?

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    pass the amount without commas
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    I am using Application Express, I don't know how a dynamic action could help Littlefoot, Thanks.

    Beilstwh can you tell me how I can do this please? ....googling.... thank you

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