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    Unanswered: Error 3078 in Access 2010 yet works in 2007

    Forgive if this has been asked before. I search but was unable to find any previous instance.

    I have some pretty simple macros and queries. I am reading an external table and running some queries to build an ongoing update table which I use to upload to an existing table. I am adding a specific number to a field in exiting records. Everything works perfectly in Access 2007. However, when I run it in 2010 I get the "Error 3078" when I try to run a macro that runs 2 append queries in datasheet mode which outputs the content of the two files to a third single file. I am trying to create a master update file.

    HERE IS THE CODE behind the VB button.
    Private Sub APPLYUPDATES_Click()
    CIFUPDATE.Enabled = False
    DoCmd.SetWarnings False
    DoCmd.RunMacro ("CINFOUPDATE")
    DoCmd.SetWarnings True
    MsgBox "Complete."
    UPLIFTCINFO.Enabled = True

    All the CINFOUPDATE macro does is open two queries
    Openquery CIFOUPDLOAD - Datasheet - Edit
    Openquery CIFCUPDLOAD - Datasheet - Edit

    What's driving me cuckoo is it works perfectly in 2007. Open it in 2010 and I get this error every time.


    End Sub

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    3078 is "The Microsoft Jet database engine can't find the input table or query TableName"
    so check for typos, check tables do exist

    for now remove the set warnings = false
    re run and see what is reported

    check macro CINFOUPDATE exists
    find out where the error is coming from
    it could be that you are missing the source files
    if you are usign an import definiton file if thats missing...

    if needs be put a break point on the code and step through the code until you find the line that actually trips up.

    it may be a missing reference
    t may be that you are running 2007 specific code that doesn't work in 2010 UNLESS you make some other changes
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