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    Unanswered: Can't start capture program for sql replication

    could somebody help me with sql replication, please.

    I have to setup bi directional sql replication between two databases on the same zLinux server but on different db2 instances.
    The first database is on DB2 v9.7.0.8 instance and the second is on DB2 v10.5.0.1 instance.
    I was able to start capture program on the first instance and apply program on the second. It works.
    I also need to start capture program on the second instance and apply program on the first instance but I can't start capture program on the second instance.
    I got following messages:

    user> asncap capture_server=SECOND capture_path=/replication_folder startmode=cold
    2014-01-24- ASN0600I "Capture" : "" : "Initial" : Program "capture 10.2.0 (Build Level s130816, PTF IP23528)" is starting.
    2014-01-24- ASN0008I CAPTURE "ASN" : "Initial". The Capture program was stopped.

    It doesn't show any error message and I have no idea where to check it.

    I have already successfully done this before between two databases with the same db2 level (DB2 v9.5.0.10) and now use the same scripts.
    Looks like something wrong with db2 10.5 instance setting or something like that.

    Any ideas?

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    capture can be started with trace option to have more detail
    see infocenter for details
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    I found the issue:

    ASN2498E The action "create subscription member" failed. The architecture level "0801" of the Apply control tables is not compatible with the Capture compatibility value "1001".

    So I have to migrate my 9.7 database to db2 10 to setup sql-replication.

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