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    Unanswered: Is Access database the right choice?

    Hello fellow dbforumers,

    Forgive me for my lack of database lingo...I am a beginner. I am building an app with a database (don't know whether it will be built in or connected via a network yet).

    I have a database with bunch of tabs in Access 2010. The elements in these tabs correspond with elements of other tabs (I don't know if that makes sense). I would like for these corresponding elements appear on the same screen when I search for one of the elements.

    Please give me some guidance is to what I should read, or perhaps there is a thread that addresses a similar issue.

    If this need clarification please address that.

    appreciate your help,
    Fedor B

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    best guidance I give right now is try to describe your problem as accurately and concisely as possible. abstracting it in the manner that you have has totally flummoxed me.
    The elements in these tabs correspond with elements of other tabs
    have you thought of a career in Politics or the civil service, that sentence is a masterpiece of using words to totally obfuscate the meaning

    But to answer what I think is your question yess Access is a perfectlyt acceptable tool to buidl a db in, the only caveats Id put on that are:_

    if your application is going to be used by anywhere from 15 to 30 CONCURRENT users (plain vanilla Access struggles with more an more concurrent users, but you can get round that by using a server back end as opposed to Access |AND design the application from day one as a client server application

    if you application has to run over a WAN (its OK on a LAN, but Access isn't clever over a WAN

    if your application has to run on different OS's (eg Windows, *NIX etc)

    if you need to, or intend to deploy the app over the internet (effectively a global WAN)

    Having said that Access is a pretty good development tool
    if you are targeting different version of Access always, always develop on the lowest common denoiminator. you don't need a full copy of Access on every workstation, you can save cash buy deploying the app using Access Runtime FoC from A2007 on
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