I'm in the process of making a new database (Access 2010) that will track the training completed by different members in my shop. In my "classes" table, one of the columns is a lookup value making the class either "general" or "ordnance".

Prior to the first of the month, I will print out a sheet (report) per class that is due in the following month. The classes get assigned to members in the shop and then the sheets are handed out to the right people. The intent is for the members to use the sheets to take notes while preparing their class. In the past, one report style was used for both styles of class (general and ordnance) however, the report was really only suitable for the ordnance style. I designed a new style for the "general" class due but again, it's only suitable for that style of class. I'm able to already select a month and have it only return the classes due for that timeframe.

My goal is to be able to select a month, press the print button, and the appropriate style of report sheet will be used for the classes due (without me having to generate two different reports based on style and having to print them both out separately.)

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for your help.