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    Unanswered: VBA code to copy current cell to other sheets

    Hi All

    I need some help with some VBA code

    What I need to do is from my "master sheet", when a cell is populated, (for example A4) copy the content of cell A4 from the "master Sheet" to all other worksheets, in cell A4.

    The principle is an individual timetable is on each tab but where a "generic" session is added to the "master", I want to use a "copy this to all timetables" button.

    Any help would be greatfully received!

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    A couple of questions if this hasn't been resolved yet.

    If someone amends A4, do you want the contents to go to A4 on the other tabs (i.e. overwriting anything that exists), or do you want it to go to the next available space on the other tabs?

    Can someone add or delete rows/columns? If they do, do you want this to be reflected on the other sheets?

    If someone amends cell A4, i.e. they didn't populate a blank cell but changed a value, do you want that to be reflected in the other tabs?

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