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    Question Unanswered: TSM COPY with HADR


    I've configured a DB2 HADR database and users are currently using the LOAD operation with COPY YES USE TSM options. The load is performed on the primary database, cross-node access via TSM is enabled but the standby database tables are going into no access mode due to the LOAD COPY files not being able to be accessed and applied to the standby database.

    I have used db2adutl command to grand node access and checked on the standby server to see if he can see the files backed up by the server. This was confirmed. Is there anything I am missing?

    There is only on TSM server in this case. Also, the main idea is to have DB2 perform the LOAD operation without any administration. Wondering if this is possible so I wouldn't have to download the database onto the standby server.

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    there is a redbook describing these scenarios and grant/commands needed
    IBM Redbooks | Backing Up DB2 Using IBM Tivoli Storage Management
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    No need. Its appears the dsm.opt file on the standby database server was missing. DB2 is now automatically applying loaded data on the standby database.


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