Greetings experts,

I have a form where a visitor wishes to pay a hospital bill. I need something in perl or javascript or java that upon hitting a submit button will search a flat file database that contains one account number on each line.

Either a simple popup that says Account number validated and then redirects to another url or will present next to the submit button. "Account Number Validated" Press go to continue and will redirect to a url.

I have made something that will do one at a time but I am needing to be able to validate 3 or 4 account numbers on a same form page at the same time one by one. Then another button to appear (once all 3 or 4 are validated) to continue on to a redirected url.

Here is an example of what I have in the works.

Account Verification

If 4 attempts are made to use the final Continue Button it will lock the visitor out for 20 mins. I am currently using the sleep command in perl.

Any code you can give me will be greatly appreciated.