Hi All,

First of all I am very new to the Sybase arena. During our development of Stored procedures I came across the issue mentioned below.
For one of our requirement , we need to pass set of records from one procedure to another.
As of now I have though of the following options..

i.Create a Temporary table in the Sybase Temp database and put the data from SourceDB into it, Later the TargetDB procedure will fetch the records from this table to do further processing.

ii. Create some object types and store the data into it in the SourceDB. Create same object type in the TargetDB and get the data from the Objects.

iii.Create a String variable from SourceDB and pass the records in such a fashion (like”,” for Column separator and “|” for Row Separator), which will be taken care by the TargetDB by converting it into a session specific #temp-table.

I am preferring option ii, but not getting any proper guidance on how to achieve that.

What is the best possible solution for the same? Any help is much appreciated.