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    Unanswered: Formula Assistance needed

    Hello All,

    I was wondering if I can get some help on figuring out a formula to auto calculate couple of columns.

    Let me explain..
    I have 3 columns that I use but only fill out one of them.

    1 Time Spent:
    In this column I fill out number of hours/minutes that I have spent doing the miscellaneous work stuff.

    2. Total Hours
    this column is calculated using the formula =SUM(TimeSpent) (works great no problem)

    3. Days
    In this column I have another formula which rounds off the hours. =ROUNDUP((Hours/8),1) (Works great no problem)
    Recently I have added 1 additional column.
    1. After Hours (YES or NO)

    I would like to know what formula I can use that will output values in both Total Hours and Days columns based on the answer in After Hours column.

    For Example:

    Time Spent After Hours Total Hours Days
    2 YES 2*1.5 =ROUNDUP((Total Hours/8),1)
    4 NO =ROUNDUP((Total Hours/8),1)

    Spreadsheet attached

    Any help is greatly appreciated !!
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    Something like this?
    =IF(AfterHours="YES", 1.5, 1) * RoundUp(Total Hours / 8, 1)
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