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    Unanswered: Stuck on duplicating simple relational field

    I own a fitness club and have written several applications in BDB to assist me, including keeping track of group fitness classes for attendance and paying the instructors, a personal training app that allows the trainers to schedule, record, and get commission on training sessions and clients, and the one I have a question about, equipment maintenance, which keeps track of service and repairs on all our equipment:
    I use invoices we receive to enter the $amount, parts needed, date and piece of equipment involved. The data is entered on an "invoice detail" form which feeds a many-to-many on the "invoice" form. The invoice detail form has a simple rel field, "item", to look up the piece of equipment from an equipment folder. Most invoices might have many line items but only pertain to one piece of equipment. Instead of looking up the same equipment item on each "invoice detail" form, I'd like to remember the previous looked up item and have that as the next default in the simple rel field "item" as I'm entering multiple items. Any ideas from the experts would be greatly appreciated. (Hope this isn't too confusing!)

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    Create a Global variable called “Last Selected” and populate this variable with a Standard Record Set / “Selected Record”.

    This will allow your database to remember the last record you looked up, but you need to now convert this Global variable to a Static variable.

    A Static Variable is a variable that is stored and never forgotten, even if you close the database.

    To convert a Global to Static, go to Design and then Database Scripts. Now go to the Var tab and to Global. In there you should see your variable. Right click on it and you can convert it to a Static.


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    Thank you, Tubbrit!

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