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    Unanswered: Brilliant Database Support System

    Just a few simple ideas regarding a support system.
    First of all I do not have all the technical knowledge to do this but what if:
    1. Create a website or Facebook page
    2. Upload some examples
    3. Sales area where you could sell a database and part of the income goes to the person who manage the website.

    I think we all see the potential in Brilliant Database and we all like it but a few new people are still not sure to if they must buy it because of the support.

    If we cannot then solve all the problems or wants to add some new things to BD then we set-up a list and forward it to Mikhail. So he will not be then bombarded with emails and could concentrate on the development.

    Please give your ideas as well

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    Well you can use thus forum as a support system. It allows you to post examples, fragments of code. But it needs more peeople actively involved contributing answers and building a community.

    You cannot build a self sustaining community without involvement, without people giving back to the community their knowledge and experience.

    Granted for BD it would be better to hsve some official presence to support their own product in their own forum. However at present this is possibly the only home
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    Personally, I'm delighted we have dBforums and I'm very grateful to all those who help provide and maintain this site. We don't need another platform.

    What I would like to see is an official presence from Brilliant Database dropping in from time to time to keep us updated on developments but that's about it really. I would not like to see them getting involved in solving the general day to day questions people have on the forum at all.

    The way I see it, every second they spend answering questions we can solve between is easy enough is a second not being spent on development. So I would hope people are not bombarding them with emails either on how to use the program when we have this forum.

    I would be only interested in updates from them on new development, and help the very odd time there's a problem that's causing difficulty in finding a solution to.


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    I agree with you James

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    If Brilliant as a company decides to create a forum, a wiki, a kb (knowledge base), or anything else I wish them well and I will help them if I can.

    I've learned through decades of experience that I prefer user managed and run support organizations as opposed to corporate managed ones. I'll cite some examples that I think do a good job. Your mileage may vary, but by and large these are the organizations that stick in my mind as having done a good job for me.

    One of the best that I know of (and in which I'm pretty active), is The Professional Association for SQL Server. The model that they use may be impossible to reproduce, but it is certainly what I'd pattern a support organization around if I had to start from scratch.

    healdem is correct, the community itself is the best source for product support. There are a few cases where you need access to the source code to find the answer, but those really ought to be quite rare. Until you reach millions of users, the remainder of the support issues are better served by users than by a support organization. When you have millions of users, then you can afford to create an organization like Microsoft Professional Support Services that can provide stellar support.

    If Brilliant decides to create any sort of support organization now, I wish them well and I'll help them if I can. I would recommend that they do what they are good at, work on some issues where they are weak, and let the user community support itself (here at DBForums or elsewhere, as the community sees fit).

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