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    Unanswered: Database Bloat on Networked Backend

    I have a backend data base whose size when compacted stays at about 127mb

    Just recently the backend has begun to bloat - I do not mean 5 or 10 mb from running import/export utils - I mean jumping from 127 mb to 497mb then 1 gb!

    I re-compact and it will stay at 127 - 135mb for a few days or at the leat a day then all of a sudden it jumps up to 3 to 4 times its size.

    any ideas?
    Dale Houston, TX

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    First thing I would try would be:
    1. Create a new database.
    2. Import every object from the existing one except system (MSys...) and temporary (~...) objects.
    3. Compile and compact the new one.
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    reasons for bloat?
    lots of rows being added, deleted or changes made to memo columns
    changes to the design of queries or something else being written back
    using temporary tables in the backend... a daft idea but Ive seen it happen before. if y'need temporary tables stuff 'em into your individual users front end, but try not to crearte a new table each time, but reuse the existing structure
    but 127...>497-->1Gb in a few days suggests there is somethign seriously out of wahtck

    Sinndho's suggestion is a good starting point, there may be soem form of corruption in the backend
    starting form a clean new db and importing the objects may fix trhat
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