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    Unanswered: Retrieving data from multiple tables

    I am facing an issue here. In the attachment, there is a screenshot of an excel sheet. The blocks of data represent a table each. The coloured cells are the main columns from which data is to be retrieved.

    These are 5 tables named as stkin, stkout,issue, cons, intransit. Highlighted columns represent Store and its content quantity.

    I need a query to retrieve the quantity from a particular store. e.g for store 9779 there are two entries, namely StkInQty and TrOutQty

    What i wish is that by giving a query it should display something like the following:

    store StkInQty TrOutQty
    9779 1000 1000

    What i have shown is only 4 tables. But there are actually 9 tables and there are more than 15 stores, so doing it manually will take a lot of time.

    Plz help me with query..
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