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    Unanswered: Reported slowness on version

    Hello everyone,

    Ok I am trying to troubleshoot a "slowness issue"

    I have a database that is PostgreSQL it use to be on Centos OS and was moved over to the AMAZON cloud and runs on Amazon Linux now.

    The customer moved everything to the new environment and it all works, BUT they report that sometimes and random times or processes their users report "slowness". Nothing was changed to the database, no new processes add, no new reports, nothing as far as they say.

    Now they state that sometimes they see increased IO spikes when the slowness happens. So what might I try to look into here? Any thoughts for me?

    Could it be some parameter that needs to be changed for Amazon Linux from when it was on Centos Linux? Are their any Bugs that might be a issue here? What might I try to do to see if there are any issues in the database itself? Please advise here as I am not a strong PostgreSQL dba and any help would greatly be very helpful.

    Thank you!
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    Looks like it is a IOPs issue

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