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    Unanswered: linking multiple field values to a field selected from combobox

    Hi all,

    I'm creating a database (Access 2007) to keep track of players and statistics for an amateur football(soccer) club.

    Tables that I currently have:
    PlayerID(PK), Name, DOB, Address, ph, etc..

    Competition, Venue, Opponent, Position

    MatchID(PK), Venue, Competition, Opponent, etc..

    *I've attached a sample 'form' for the Match.

    Only the Players and Match table have a primary key. The other tables are for data selection only.

    As shown in the sample pic, I've used a drop-down selection for almost all the field entries. (The form is incomplete. It only shows goals. I will also had stats such as Assists, Yellow cards, Red cards, etc once i get it to work with goals)

    That is where I'm stuck!!

    I can chose players from the drop down list but I do not know how to link the goals scored to the player whose name i have selected.

    What i have in my current table/form is wrong since 1 have only 1 goal field. I've duplicated it over all the players by 'add existing field' button. Changing 1 changes all and it in no way is linked to the player.

    So my question is how do I select/enter a value for goals that correspond to the player name selected in the field adjacent to it?

    The goals will be later sorted by competition, venue, total in season, etc..

    Hope my explanation was clear
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