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    Unanswered: Display PDF from OLE field on form

    I'm working on an existing 2010 database that has a table that stores PDF's in an OLE field. The boss wants to be able to see the PDF on a form along with the other fields in the database. He doesn't want the pdf to open up in a separate window in Adobe PDF viewer. He doesn't want to have to switch between 2 windows because he's comparing data from the other fields in the record to what's on the PDF. He doesn't have dual monitors and doesn't want that either.

    when I put the PDF field on a form all I get is an ICON that has to be double clicked on to open but I need it to display the pdf or at leas part of the PDF so he can scroll down to view the whole pdf. I thought about using a subform or tabs and putting a web browser control to display the pdf. I've seen examples of how to set a web browser control URL when the pdf is in an attachment field but I haven't been able to find any examples of how to view the pdf in a web browser control or any code to actually show the pdf on the form from an OLE field.

    Anybody know who to do this?

    BTW. I know storing the PDF in an attachment field is the best way to do this and I've let the boss know. My only task is to display it on a form and not to redesign the database. I have nothing to do with this database other than trying to help figure this thing out.

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    You need to find a COM control (formerly OCX) that is able to display the contents of PDF files. See perhaps (not tested): PDF OCX - FREE ActiveX OCX for creating & editing PDFs. - Windows 8 Downloads
    Have a nice day!

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