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    Unanswered: Student Results Database Design


    I'm after a little help with designing a student records databse from scratch - I'm reasonably familiar with Access but can't get my head around this design.

    I have multiple students who attend four different courses at our school (they can take each course more than once). During each course they sit multiple exams (and can take each each more than once). What I would like to do is have a database to store:
    - student records
    - course records
    - exam results

    So this is the basic design that I am starting with:

    Student Table
    Student_ID (PK)
    Student details....

    Course Table
    Course_ID (PK)
    Course_Type_ID (FK)

    Exam Table
    Exam_ID (PK)
    Course_Type_ID (FK)

    Exam Results Table
    Result_ID (PK)
    Student_ID (FK)
    Exam_ID (FK)

    Does this sound reasonable? Any thoughts on the design would be very much appreciated!


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    depends entirely on how complex your real world requirement is
    some assessment process need to allow for coursework, and or practical and exam
    there can be more than one assessed piece of coursework and or practicals
    some courses have unmarked but mandatory completion
    some courses final mark comprises some from the previous year aswell as this year

    so asking is your design 'reasonable' is meaningless, we dont' know the business process you are trying to model. if its for coursework then its probably 'reasonable' if its for a single year with no assessed coursework, practicals or mandatory attendance its probably reasonable.

    if its a real world application then No its not reasonable.
    ferinstnace most academic instituions have courses that comprise subjects. a course may exists but not actually run in any one timeperiod.
    so I'd expect course details AND a tabel; table holding course details (ie when a specific instance of the course is run eg 2010-11, 2011-12.....

    also how do you propose to handle resits, final / supervision of the grading / marks

    generally you'd only use an autonumber column (an ID if there is no better primary key, or the better primary key is overly long and complex)
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