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    Unanswered: Newbie basic question - end-user front ends

    I am looking into learning Oracle because it would have been useful in certain jobs I have had. In my research I am missing one very simple-sounding piece of a jigsaw puzzle and I just can't find the answer.

    Oracle, from my understanding, is the back-end. People programme databases so that other people can access the data in them. They create table, queries, views etc. They use the developer tools provided by Oracle.

    My question is: What do the end-users use to access the data? I mean the ones in the office floor who aren't programmers. Have I got the wrong end of the stick, or does the company need to have a front end for people to access the data to allow them to find and display information in a user-friendly way?

    Does this kind of software have a name? Can anybody give me any examples of software that does this?

    I hope that makes sense. Sorry if it's a dim question but I'm new to this.

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    In most cases "the ones in the office floor" do not need to access the database data, not directly anyway. They need to perform certain business functions, such as looking up customer information or entering purchase orders, which use the data, so there exists an additional application layer between the user and the database. Examples you may be very familiar with are online banking or booking airplane tickets.

    There _are_ applications that allow advanced users to access data more directly; they are usually categorized as reporting or analytic applications, such as Business Objects, BIRT, IBM Cognos etc.
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    Microsoft Access is a lighter weight tool, so it may only be able to deal with managed subsets of the Oracle data. With that said, if you can get an OLE-DB or even an ODBC driver and permission from the DBA to access the Oracle database then MS-Access will happily run queries and show data from an Oracle data source.

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