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    Unanswered: Legacy Applications and Oracle 11g


    We have application on Developer 6i against 10gR2 instance running rather smoothly.

    Setting up a test environment with 11gR2 instance found out that the legacy application (forms 6i) cannot connect to 11g instance.

    Even when we upgraded client to (almost) latest Developer 6i Patchset 18 (I think patchset 19 is actually the latest) same problem.

    Oracle client 8.0.x (where x = 5 or 6) cannot connect to 11g instance!!

    We also found out, even though Oracle doesn't "officialy supports" it, oracle client 8i (8.1.6 or newer), using sqlplus, can connect against 11g instance.

    So, our question is: how can we upgrade or tweak Developer 6i to use Oracle 8.1.6 client instead of 8.0.6 client which is included ?

    Is there any way even "unorthodox" to make our legacy application running against 11g ?

    This is a test/preparation environment to be used for migrating the data to our new application which will replace the old one.

    So substituting dlls and such on the developer 6i (client) side is an option, to make it work...

    Thx in advance

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    You are starting from an unsupported configuration because you chose to not upgrade to higher version of Forms when you started using V10 database.

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    What would be gained by upgrading to V11 database?

    Either live with what you got or upgrade to a supported version of Forms.
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    Oracle 11 does not use the same sqlnet version as developer 6. They are not compatible and will never connect.
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