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    Unanswered: Problems on creating form

    Hi everyone.

    I am a newbie of using Microsoft Access and am looking for a solution to create an ideal form to complete my database. I hope to get assistance from y'all. =D

    My database is to have records for volunteering hours collection. I have 3 tables as followed.

    1. Members Details
    • Members ID (PK)
    • Full Name & etc.

    2. Event Details
    • Event ID (PK)
    • Event Name & etc.

    3. Volunteering Hours
    • Member ID (FK)
    • Full Name
    • Event ID (FK)
    • Event Name

    For example, on the event A, there are 30 members attended. So, in the single form, I wish to record the 30 members' ID and name on that particular event. I only manage to make a simple one which is in a form, 1 member ID and name is recorded. I find it troublesome because I have to re-enter the event ID and name again for a new record of member. And, the data is gonna be a long listed one if I have many events to create.

    Could anyone please help for this? Thank you. =)

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    Attached is a screen shot of a training database that I created for work many years ago before I retired.

    This screen allows the user to select a course, enter the date, then select the employee from the drop down.

    Clicking the Add Attendance button will added the data to a table then display the entered employee at the start of the subform. When the next employee is added this employee is added and displayed at the top of screen and the previous entries are displayed in alphabetical order.

    Putting the employee at the start of the record display is a quick method to check that the record has been entered.

    In your Volunteer table you do not require Full Name and Event Name. Where are you storing the hours?
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    If nobody gets back to you.. I will help you.

    try a bit yourself first

    good luck

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