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    Unanswered: create view query with many select statement.

    what I mean is a query like this...

    create view monthly AS
    select distinct description from item order by description
    select sum(quantity-loses) from inventory join item on item.item_id = inventory.item_id where month(date) < month(now())
    select sum(quantity-loses) from transaction join item on item.item_id = transaction.item_id where month(date) < month(now());

    I already tried to use subqueries but when querying the inventory and transaction table it gives an error "returns more than one row" for they dont have the same where statement.

    I tried also union but still no luck.

    somebody help pls. tnx.

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    What result are you looking for?
    If it is three separate resultsets then perhaps a stored procedure is more appropriate.
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