I currently have a table named [MultipleItemsAddTable], and have been stumped on this for the past 4 hours.

My table columns are:
[BI ID Num] [Fox Line Num]
1967 ////////// 100
2004 ///////// 400

What I am trying to do is take all the [BI ID Num] with the same number and update them to increase by increments of 10.

So for example where [BI ID Num] =1967 the [Fox Line Num] is 100. So for the next record with 1967 it would be 110, until it gets to the next [BI ID Num] of 2004. Then it would start with a new [Fox Line Num] of 400 then the next [Fox Line Num] for [BI ID Num] 2004 would be 410.

Is there a way to do this?

-Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!