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    Unanswered: Using a Default Date that can be altered.

    The Database I am currently running has multiple date fields. I want a particular date field to default to another date unless a specific date is entered.

    EG if Date2 field is empty use date1.

    I have a formula which is based on date2

    Neither of these dates are current dates and fall anytime 13 weeks+ in the the past.


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    so you need to place some code behind the form to handle this

    probably the best location is going to be the control holding date1 value and use its after update event. this even will fire after changes are made to the value in that control

    your code is going to be something like
    if isnull(date2control) then 'test if the control holding date2 is null/empty 
      date2controld.value = date1control.value 'and if so set date2 to be the same as date1
    you will need to replace datexcontrol with the names of the controls you are actually using
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