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    Unanswered: LOG Secondary to -1 ??

    Hi dba's,

    in db2 database we have log primary and log secondary.
    For Secondary log we have range [-1; 0 - 254 ]

    Here i have question. Why IBM gave -1 (infinity) instead of that i can set to 2000 or 20,000 why there is a limit of 254 again?

    Why this controversy?

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    -1 does not work for HADR, so not used very much anymore. I assume that the reason for 254 limit is the size of the field that stores that value. As to why they want that limit, IBM probably thought that if you need more than 255 active logs, there is something wrong with your application, especially since (as you pointed out) you can simply increase the size of each log file. When I say "something wrong" I mean failure to do periodic commits or close transactions.
    M. A. Feldman
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