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    Unanswered: DB2 Load Balance question


    Looking for some advice here,

    We have a cloud environment. On one server we have many databases. On the other servers we have applications etc that feed from these databases.

    At the moment the system is set up to support HADR.

    Is it possible to allow databases to support load Balance whilst also supporting HADR ? meaning that if for example database A was primary and database B was backup. If database A was overloaded - can db2 reroute the requests to database B ? I believe when using HADR one database is always inactive, hence the question.

    Thanks in advance

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    Depending on the DB2 version, it may be possible to allow read-only access to the standby database. However, DB2 does not have any load balancing within an HADR pair. You will have to handle load balancing in your application in that case.
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    If you enable read-only access to the HADR standby, there are some issues you need to consider:
    • Does not support access to LOB columns, except for the part that is INLINE'd
    • Does not support access to XML columns, except for the part that is INLINE'd
    • You must fully license the HADR standby DB2 database. Without read-only access you only must license 100 PVU's for the standby.
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