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    Unanswered: Alert when STOCK is low ??

    Hii again

    I got the PRODUCT table which has stock field
    is there a way of making an alert when stock falls below 10 (example) ??

    or at least changing the color to red or some sort .

    Pls advice what to do or how to tackle this.


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    when do you want to run it
    how do you want to run it

    the usual answer to any question in Access (or any other front end, or any systems question is yes). there may be several ways of doing it.

    classically you'd have a minim stock level set for a product, and or a warning stock level
    then take action based on that. you may also have visibilty of orders placed (so that you'd know stuff is ordered but not yet here, but Im pretty certain your modell wont support that.

    so what can you do
    well first off you'd probably want a report a,d or form which identifies products at or near the warning level. use a query for that

    allow the user to run off that report or use a form, depends if they are a screen user or a paper user.

    you could also put some code in the forms on current event that changes the background colour of the stock level

    lets say you have a WarningLevel, a ReorderLevel

    if stock > warninglevel then
    mystockcontrollabel.backcolor = vbwhite
    elseif stock >reorderlevel then
    mystockcontrollabel.backcolor = vbyellow
    mystockcontrollabel.backcolor = vbred

    another approach is to run the report say everynight so the buyer gets it emailed to them so they have it to hand when they come in from work. use a common backend that has the data and a separate front end. one that is kicked off by windows scheduler calls the autoexec macro to start the process OR just tell the buyer to open the form when they come in in the morning OR have a query which extracts the data and plonks it into an Excel spreadhseet
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    Quote Originally Posted by healdem View Post could also put some code in the forms on current event that changes the background colour of the stock level...
    All of the biker's advice is dead on, although the above bit will only work if the Form displays in Single (Record) View. If your Form displays in Datasheet or Continuous View, you cannot use code in the Form_Current event, but would have to use Conditional Formatting off of the Menu or Ribbon, depending on the version of Access you're running.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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