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    Unanswered: Lookup field relationships in adding data to table from query

    I have a query that I am using to filter and add entries to a table. Query setup is as shown:

    relationships are as shown:

    when I try to add an entry, 'Desc', 'MFGName' and 'Unit' Fields are all automatically populated based on the 'PN' selection. User selects 'DWGNumber', 'ItemNumber', 'QTYProto' and 'QTYProd' in the query:

    This then adds an entry to the Wiring Table, but the MFGName field does not match the PartsNames table or the value put in the query. How can I make sure this field updates properly?

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    Please post the SQL expression of the query (queries) as well as information about the table(s) structure (name, columns names and data type).
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