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    Question Unanswered: total noob; maximum form option entry of four

    Hi there, im gonna start right off by apologizing for starting my first post with a question. But due to a serious lack of time I must.

    The issue simply put:

    1. There is a form (not working, but can be seen here: where a maximum of FOUR people can select a week.

    2. User selects a RADIOBUTTON (week) where he/she wishes to enroll in

    3a. if available the second form is automatically displayed for the user to fill in personal data

    3b. if NOT available, user is prompted a message telling him/her that the week selected is full -> please select other week

    If it is easier there is a slight variation possible in 3b. -> Dont tell the user anything BUT fade the ENTIRE WEEK / RADIO BUTTON CHOICE when the maximum of 4 has been reached.I was told that i need to get the data sent to a database...

    I have no idea where to start. I presume its no rocketscience but im clueless and
    Any advice or guidance is welcome. Just shine your light on this please.

    Who can help me into the right direction?

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    Do you have any specific questions?

    Also, unsure how this relates to MySQL...
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    erm it doesn't, its really a PHP/front end question, although I guess you could put some constraint on the table to limit it to 4 rows. however thats a hard stop, far better to build this logic intot he from end
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