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    diagnose this situation?

    Hi all I'm here seeking an expert eye,

    As a consumer I've been dealing with this web-based system for a few years, there's some interaction between a database and the web UI which makes it run really slow almost immediately.

    I filmed an example here Ozco Online - YouTube

    Can someone tell me the likely cause and possible solution for this?

    I'd like to put it forward to the Australia Council for The Arts; they spend a few mil on contractors each year so it should be possible to get it fixed. maybe your firm can pitch it if that's your game.

    many thanks! Luc

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    If you're not interested or don't have the time to watch the clip, basically the page calls up a growing series of drop-down menus (with 10s. or 100s of options)... each menu selection requires a full page refresh and once there are more than a couple active on the page, each refresh takes up to a minute...

    is this web app design or just server related?

    thanks for viewing. L

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    on the wrong server
    I am not able to watch youtube from my current location. I would suggest you find a forum dedicated to the technology stack you are using, and post there. A general database design forum will be of little use. Your database design can be just one of a myriad of issues causing performance issues, and it will probably take one to N number of professionals fluent in the technology you are using to diagnose the issue.
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