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    Red face Unanswered: Wrong quote style with pdo_informix

    I am using PDO_Informix (1.3.0) with a Informix (11) database. However when I use the pdo::quote command the escape of a single quote is wrong (yes I know I should use prepare statements). Pdo::quote escapes a single quote with a backslash like this 'it\'s' while it should escape the single quote with an extra single quote like this 'it''s'. Can I tell the driver to use the proper quoting style?

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    something in my memory tells me that PDO with Informix has something special, but I would not garantee it.

    In anay case, I would strongly recommend you to check this webcast which is the first episode of a series of 4 webcasts dedicated to PHP on Informix.

    The author is Thomas Beebe, from Advanced Data Tools, a worldwide recognized PHP and Informix expert, and you probably will not have a better source on this matter.


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