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    Unanswered: Multiple datasheets


    I have 4 relational tables:

    Table 1 (Parent Top)
    -> Table 2 (Child level1)
    -> Table 3 (Child level 2)
    -> Table 4 (Child level 3)

    I want to produce one Access form with 4 datasheets:

    DS 1 (table 1)
    Which when select a row it shows related data in...
    DS2 (Table 2)
    Which when select a row it shows related data in...
    DS3 (table 3)
    Which when select a row it shows related in in...
    DS4 (table 4)

    Can anyone suggest how this might be possible in Access or if it is possible.

    Thank you

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    persoanlly I dont use datasheets, they have all the power and weaknesses of spreadsheets.

    instead I'd create a single form for each table
    tables2,3 & 4 are ten embedded into table1's form.
    whether you use a tabbed dialog (one for ech sub form), or display all 3 sub forms concurrently is upto you
    You'd be better of using single row for the top level form (table1) and continuous forms for tables 2,3 & 4
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    While I don't share the Jaded Developer's hatred of Datasheet Forms (for me it all comes down to what you need to do with the given Form) his suggestions are spot on for how to handle this. Tables should never be used directly for user interaction; that's what Forms are for. And whether or not to use a Tabbed Control, with each Subform on a different Page really depends on your exact needs.

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    Hope this helps!

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