I am working on making a report that would print out rosters for support groups my organization leads. The roster needs to display the person's name, the number of sessions they have attended and the number of absences they have had.

The obstacle I'm running into is that participants drop out of groups, and when they return their counts need to start over.

So I need a formula that would only count their attendance if the date of the group is more recent than their most recent admission to the group.

I tried to use the following formula -

{AttendNote.DATESERVICE} >= {GRPCLIENT.DateStart}
{AttendNote.Present} = 1
then "1"
else if
{AttendNote.DATESERVICE} >= {GRPCLIENT.DateStart}
{AttendNote.Present} = 2
then "0"

and then do a running total or summary of the 1s and 0s. But, it seems to still be pulling all the {AttendNote.Present} entries even if they are before the {GRPCLIENT.DateStart}

Any suggestions for how I can get this to work would be extremely appreciated! I am pretty new to this and trying to teach myself!