I have an excel spreadsheet that I can enter into a table and manipulate far faster in MySQL. The issue is that the rows are Duplicated. The structure is shown below.

Part Number | Description | Qty | Cost | OEM Resale
ABC | Switch | 1 | 1.00 | 3.5
ABC | Switch |25 | 1.00 | 2.75

Desired Result
Part Number | Description | Qty1 | Cost1 | OEM Resale1 | Qty2 | Cost2| Resale2

I would like to have them in separate columns. I'm using phpmyadmin to write my querys. Is this at all possible? The best i've seen is the concat function which once i get past description would put all remaining data into one field that has been comma separated. I could do that and transfer back to excel.

I ask as the file that I'm using is 30K+ rows and the coworker i'm setting this up for gets this file in the same format to evaluate about 5 times a year