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    Unanswered: Kerberos Authentication Error for SSAS named...

    Hi, I have configured Kerberos for SSAS named instance (Which is our APP server) and when I am trying to test if the connection is working I get the below error: (I am using Network Monitor to do the testing)


    The service account has been trusted for delegation in AD and below are the SPN’s we set up:

    Named Instance: (SSAS01)
    Setspn –s msolapsvc.3/hostname:SSAS01 serviceaccount
    Setspn –s msolapsvc.3/FQDN:SSAS01 serviceaccount
    SQL Browser:
    Setspn -S MSOLAPDisco.3/Hostname:SSAS01
    Setspn -S MSOLAPDisco.3/FQDN:SSAS01
    Can you please let me know if there are pieces I am missing or if I have configured something wrong?
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