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    Exclamation Unanswered: Filter by date and show total "number" of rows returned

    I have an access database
    incident number, analyst, create date, closed date, days-to-close

    A- my boss wants to be able to filter by date, ex filter by checking boxes for all the days of last week, then have a total number of incidents created on the dates selected displayed .. i.e to tally up the total number of rows after filtering by date. Also to add analyst as another filter to narrow down the results. So the goal is to have a report against the data that shows total number of rows when the filter is selected.

    B- once this is done, she wants to add another filter by the "days-to-close", for example to filter/select the value '1' which means incident took a day to close, to only show the ones closed with the 1 value (within the last week time selection) and again show the total number of rows returned.

    C- now she wants to see a report (a percentage or a pie chart) comparing the total number of incidents created during the selected time period (and for a specific analyst if selected) as in A above, to the total incidents that were closed with the days-to-close value of 1 as a percentage as in B above. so A vs. B

    I dont know where to start. I have the main data.. how do I add/run a report against it that can do A, B and C ...

    I am happy if you can give me tips on doing A for now, taking it one step at a time

    thanks a million
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