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    Unanswered: Export table for one database to another in Sybase ASE

    I want to export table (with data) from one database to another in Sybase ASE server.
    - I know we can use 'SELECT INTO' to move the data, but this will just move the data. I need to create the table on the target database with table structure (DDL) as source.
    - I could find DDLGEN utility provided by Sybase to get DDL of a table. But the content provided by DDLGEN will have source database references (It will have source database name and user information ) .
    - I'll have to manually parse the output file provided by DDLGEN to replace SOURCE database name with TARGET database name. Its there a way to avoid it ?


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    Select into doesn't just move the data, it simultaneously creates a table with the exact structure of the original.
    Try select into db2..tablename from db1..tablename.
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