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    Unanswered: Max Connection of PDO Informix ?


    I am facing a weird problem with my environment:
    Apache 2.2
    Php 5.3
    Ifx-Pdo 1.3
    Ifx Server 11

    I try to figure out a performance problem in our system so I am using a simple JMeter script which is executing 100 threads at a time.

    The response time is in about 8 seconds!

    The informix server is installed on a Suse-machine and there I can observe 2 things:
    1) the informix service is on 100%
    27297 informix 10 -10 817m 455m 452m R 100 4.6 100:51.63 oninit
    27304 informix 10 -10 817m 195m 192m R 42 2.0 65:44.70 oninit

    2) number of connections with onstat -g ses | grep -i "NAME-OF-USER" --count
    1-5! , most of the time not more than 1 in very special cases 15/20

    I am sure that Informix can handle more than 20 connections concurrently. I tested it with an Java application and there I am reaching easily 100 connections with an average of about 1 second of response time, which is ok.

    Did anybody experienced a similar problem?
    Do you have an idea where I can look at (onconfig)?
    Are there any secrets with the PDO configuration?
    I know that exists PDO::ATTR_PERSISTENT, but this is where I am coming from: I want to avoid this parameter!

    In advance thanks a lot and really ANY help is apreciated


    PD: I will repost this on stackoverflow too to have a wider posibility of responses

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    Hi Comunity,

    the problem is solved somehow:
    it turned out that for this setup I added a new user on suse/informix and unfortunatly this user was not able to open more connections. I still have no idea how you can restrict the users traffic (if it is on the suse- or informix-side). Changing the user gave me a nice response time. Sorry for the false alarm!


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    Hi Johannes,

    is the Informix master daemon process at 100% with only one user ?

    I use to see Informix instances handling concurrent 10.000 X many times, so you have a problem.
    Informix 11 has 3 major releases, and about 25 maintenance releases, excluding patches.
    Can you please be more specific about the version ?
    onconfig is the first thing you have to look at. First step is to check whether your instance is reasonnably configured. It does not seem to ...

    it is a general fact that the Informix processes take about 20% of CPU time under usual load, rarely more. You have a problem somewhere

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