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Thread: Dlookups help!

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    Unanswered: Dlookups help!

    I've been attempting to do my Dlookup for over 2 hours now and am still failing.

    Here's my issue:

    I have Table1 containing Ingredient ID and Ingredient Name. I have Query 3 that pulls Ing_1, Ing_2, Ing_3 as IDs.

    I am attempting to, in a text box, pull the Ingredient Name from Table1 using Ing_1 from the Query.

    Is this even possible? I've attempting so many variations of syntax and language that I'm left confounded.

    Thanks! Much appreciated.

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    To simplify:

    In a text box in a form, I've put the Dlookup code (above) as the Control Source.

    What I'm attempting to do is as follows:

    Using the ID found in a Query, lookup the name from a table.
    This ID is also in the table

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    1. Please supply the code you're using now, even if it does not work.

    2. Why don't you include the needed information in the query?
    Have a nice day!

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