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    Unanswered: How to get total Consumption

    Hi All,

    I am stuck in a query to get the total consumption. Well my table sturcture is



    I want the query to find out the consumption meterid wise and read_date wise. And total consumption from the consumption meterid wise and read_date wise.

    Thanks in advance

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    well first off read_date and read_time should be stroed as one value, like most db system MySQL stores date and time in a single value, what ever you call it is upto you. Id probably use soemthign like TimeofMeterReading.

    total consumption is a derived value (effectively total consumption is DERIVED from the first meter reading (usually on installation) and the current meter reading.

    I don't know what your column "reading" is meant to be

    You've not identified what is your primary key, Im guessign its going to be a composite of MeterID and the DateOfReading

    to find the consumption you need to subtract the previous reading from the current reading

    you'd probably use a sub query for that

    to find totla consumption you would need an opening meter reading. where or how you identify that is up to
    should you have a table for customer
    a table for meters
    a table for customersmeters (if so that would be a good place to store the initial meter reading)
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