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    Unanswered: ACCESS '07 QUERY - filter out $0.00

    Thanks for reading my post!

    Does anyone have a trick for filtering out 0.00 balances in a query calculation?

    I am subtracting payments from invoice amount and use number datatypes in my table.
    (I need this because the both fields are used in various calculations throughout the database and some won't work with currency.)

    I can change the format in the query to standard number or currency and get 0.00 or $0.00 respectively, but since the underlying calculation is out to the 15th digit - my >0 filter has no effect

    Here is an example of a calculation -
    inv amt = 5757.96
    PD = 5757.96
    bal = 3.90625000363798E-05

    so in reality this invoice is paid in full and I need it filtered out.

    How can I work around this?

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    so format the balance using say,format(myvalue,"#,##0.00")
    the 3.90625000363798E-05 is an artifcat of using double precision values
    use a more appropriate datatype for the values (probably currency)
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