Hi All,

I know not a lot about excel. Access is more of what I deal with, but here goes. I have a client that started sending me a "new" report in excel format. The report Lists an employee name, and their pay types. Well the "old" report had an employee listed in each row along with all pay types in an associated column. Now this new report lists an employee name, and then next to it all of the pay data, but instead of the employee name on each row, it is blank. So, when I upload it into access, it does not do what I need it to do. I need the name to be associated with each pay type.

Example below. Is there any easy way to get the names displayed next to each pay entry? I have thousands of records like this? Not sure if the client can run a different kind of report. Thanks!

Check Name (Last Suffix, First MI) SSN (Formatted) Pay Date Earnings Current Hours Current Amount
JOE DOE 0 02/11/2014 Regular 7.2500 $84.46
Charged Tips 0.0000 $23.00
JANE DOE 0 01/07/2014 Regular 4.0000 $36.00
BOB SMITH 0 02/04/2014 Regular 10.2500 $85.08
Charged Tips 0.0000 $1,049.30
JANE SMITH 0 01/14/2014 Overtime 0.3100 $6.35
Regular 8.0000 $109.20
01/21/2014 Regular 6.8100 $92.96
01/28/2014 Overtime 0.7700 $15.77
Regular 8.0000 $109.20
02/04/2014 Regular 6.6800 $91.18
02/11/2014 Overtime 0.2300 $4.71
Regular 8.0000 $109.20
02/18/2014 Regular 7.4900 $102.24