I use BD to, amongst various other things, maintain a specialist inventory of unique products. Some of these I end up listing on various auctions sites and I export the details into auction upload format. The one sticking point has always been selecting the listing category and I have been maintaining my own folder in DB with category details. And I have a button that opens up a look-up text file containing the categories when I want to create a new category on the fly in an item record.

But this is all quite cumbersome. I was thinking that I could perhaps embed some JavaScript code that would make an API call to the relevant auction site and enable me to select the category by drilling through the categories and sub categories. Before I even begin to explore this any further though I wondered if any knows if it would indeed be possible to embed this into BD and then be able to pick up the selected category details (name, code etc) from the JavaScript app and plonk them into relevant BD fields.

Or .. any other suggested approaches very welcome!