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    Unanswered: how do you get to oracle from cics?

    currently, we have a mess. I believe we are running oracle v11 on aix. in our development region, we are running some sort of "oracle" connection code in our cics region with these libraries defined in our cics region.

    in production, we are running this "oracle" connection code v8 and it uses something called tnsproc that is somehow in the middle. about 5 years ago the upgrade stopped and never made it into production.

    now, i'm unsure what to do. is there any other way to get from cics running on z/os to oracle running on the server other than installing code on the cics region?

    I am familiar that if I had a db2 server running off the mainframe, I could set up the connections on z/os db2 and connect to the db2 running distributed. I assume (never tried) that you could get to this distributed server from a cics region using db2 without any type of change. maybe i'm talking out the other end, but I would love to get out of installing software for this...seems barbaric.

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    Those library names you posted may be specific to your installation, therefore mean nothing neither provide any useful information. Perhaps they only hint at version 10 of the Oracle software.

    What you need is two components:

    1) An Oracle client certified for your OS ( with corresponding libraries ).
    2) The Oracle Pro*COBOL® pre-compiler.
    3) A Network connection between your server and the server where the Oracle database resides.

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    I am unclear why you posted in this Oracle forum.
    Oracle DB does not know or care about the "flavor" of client that connects to it.
    If your software knows how to use any of the supported protocols (JDBC, ODBC, TNS, etc.), then Oracle will accept the connection request.

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    Is the goal to transport CICS data sets to Oracle, or to allow CICS transactions to access data in the Oracle database?

    If you need to access the Oracle database interactively from CICS panels, then you will need to install the appropriate Oracle modules (including TNS in some form).

    Note that on a z/OS machine it is FAR easier to install the Oracle interface as its own LPAR, then use the appropriate libraries (CICS, TSO, etc.) to access the remote Oracle server.

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