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    Unanswered: Form help - Junction Table


    I am having a bit of a nightmare with working out the best way to create a form that allows someone to add a record (tblFee) and choose from a dropdown within a subform, which assets (tblAsset), the fee covers. This combination will populate the junction table (tblAssetFee). I want to be able to select and assign mutliple assets to a particular fee quickly. I have a form at present with a subform based on tblAssetFee, which will autofill the FeeID, and then can select the asset from a dropdown in the subform. This populates a record in tblAssetFee. I then have a "add new record" button which allows me to add further records to the junction table so that in effect further assets are assigned to the same Fee, however, this isn't really intuitive or easy to follow for a novice user. Is there a better way?

    A copy of my relationships is attached

    Also, if possible, would like to display somehow in real time, the tblAssetFee records so the user can see which assets they have added

    Is this doable?

    Thanks all
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    I second an unbound multiselect listbox as the best option. However if the potential list of assets to display will be long (and require the user to vertically scroll), then it is helpful to add another control (textbox or another listbox) to display just the selected items. Access native listboxes can get dodgy on scrolling and it is also easy for a user to inadvertantly select or unselect a listbox item. Being able to instantly see everything selected is reassurig to users.

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