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    Unanswered: Error while installing DB2 10.1 fp1

    Hello all,

    I installed DB210.1 fp1 on RHEL 6.1 system.
    While installing it gave this error:

    Requirement not matched for DB2 database Server . Version: "".
    Summary of prerequisites that are not met on the current system:
    DBT3514W The db2prereqcheck utility failed to find the following 32-bit library file: "/lib/*".

    But it continued installation & installation got completed successfully. Also there is no error mentioned in log file related to this.

    So should I add this library to lib folder and uninstall and install fixpack again?or leave it like that. please help

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    I ran db2prereqcheck first (before installation) and it also showed that missing dependency, a couple of years ago.
    I installed the relvant module anyway, before installing the db2, just to keep the support people happy.
    Although in a pure 64-bit environment (64-bit operating system, 64-bit db2, 64-bit local applications) it should never need the 32-bit libpam. But you never know which applications will get installed later on and what their bitness will be, particularly with legacy code. Hence my decision to satisfy all pre-reqs before installation.

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    It's the warning, not an error. You would need it if you had an external 32-routintes.
    Installation requirements for DB2 servers and IBM data server clients (Linux)
    If not - you don't need it.

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    Some of the prerequisites are for things like Tivoli System Automation, which gets installed by default for use with cluster failover.

    Given that the latest fixpack level for 10.1 is FP3, I would run db2prereqcheck until it is clean and then upgrade to that fixpack.
    M. A. Feldman
    IBM Certified DBA on DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows
    IBM Certified DBA on DB2 for z/OS and OS/390

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